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Our vision is simple: We believe that it's the fundamental right of managers to have precise, reliable intelligence and that it's the fundamental responsibility of executives to provide it.


For 25 years, we've been filling that niche by delivering intelligence that focuses specifically on deciphering choice. That's what we do and it's all we do. Anyone can tell you who, what, when, where and how, but why is the toughest question to answer. When you accurately uncover why people make choices, you're suddenly free to tackle obstacles, realize dreams and achieve goals while protecting your investments.

If your idea of good intelligence is a market research study that leaves you with binders and binders filled to the brim with pages and pages of charts and graphs, then you're probably not interested in what we do. However, if the market research you get isn't living up to your idea of real intelligence, we should talk.

Deciphering choice is better intelligence.

Navicom Inc. Navicom Inc.
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