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A Market Map is the 360°, full colour view of your market (or markets). Not only does it tell you what's going on but why it's happening. Better decision making starts with better intelligence. And the best intelligence tells you why.

A Market Map clearly identifies the cause and effect relationships that drive your market. Why do some products and services immediately find an audience while others seem dead on arrival? Why do some turn out to be fads while others find meaningful longevity? Why do some organizations get it right so frequently while others fail so spectacularly?

You won't find the answers to these questions by staring at charts and graphs or tables of numbers. You find them through deciphering choice.

When you know why your market works the way that it does, it's easy to create achievable goals, devise unique and powerful strategies that actually work and implement cost effective tactics to make it all happen.

Discover and maximize your true brand potential with a Brand Compass. A Brand Compass is a tool for organizations looking to create or fundamentally change the sign above their door. The sign above the door is more than a name, logo or tagline. It's who you are and what you stand for. It's the big things and the small stuff. It touches every fibre of your organization and it starts with knowing why.

Changing the sign above the door is a journey of self-discovery and change. A journey begins with three things:

  • The desire for change
  • A map of the terrain
  • A compass to guide you

A Brand Compass is that guide. If you're happy where you are, this probably isn't for you. But if you've got that feeling that something isn't quite right with your position today or you know it could be so much better, but you're not exactly sure how to get there, a Brand Compass is for you.

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